– How do I know I’m not going to get ripped off?

We rest assure you we aren’t in this business to disappoint or rip off any customer we acquire. Please, if your a new customer, place a small order to gain our trust and see that we always deliver your product(s) big or small.

– What is the quality of your products?

Our products are made with 99.9%-98.6 raw powders and additives making our products nothing but the best on the market at an affordable price.

– Can I pick my order up in person?

We DO NOT meet anyone in person. All packages are sent through Canada Post (Pickup Slip).

– What if my package is seized by customs going overseas?

If your package is seized by customs we will fully refund you or resend your package free of cost.

-Are you a trusted lab?

Yes, we absolutely are without a doubt. You can put your trust in Muscularlabs with any order you make.

– Whats the percentage of receiving my order in the USA ?

99.8% we have yet to have any of our packages seized or lost being shipped to our US customers.

-What are your Sarm’s made with and why does it taste horrible?

Our Sarm’s are made with Everclear we strongly suggest you mix the sarm’s in something you enjoy drinking.

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