Testosterone-P 100mg/ml(10ml)

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Testosterone propionate, an oil-based injectable testosterone compound, is a popular anabolic androgenic steroid among athletes compared to other testosterone derivatives.

half life: 4-5 days

half life: 2-3 days

Recommended dose: 700-1400mg weekly

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What is Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone propionate made its debut in the medical arena in 1954, joining the ranks of other testosterone preparations such as testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate. As an esterified form of testosterone, it stands as one of the most commonly utilized variants. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), testosterone propionate serves as a treatment for hypogonadism in males. This medication has demonstrated efficacy in alleviating symptoms like fatigue, erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, mood swings, and diminished muscle mass associated with hypogonadism. Many males use Testosterone Propionate for muscle gain, to boost testosterone levels, and to increase libido. It’s an ideal solution if you want to feel like you’re 21 years old again.

Testosterone Propionate, being an esterified form of testosterone, facilitates easier absorption into the body and boasts a longer duration of action compared to testosterone undecanoate. Moreover, it has garnered recognition as an effective agent in the realm of bodybuilding.

Benefits of Using Testosterone Propionate for Bodybuilding

Testosterone propionate offers a plethora of advantages to bodybuilders, encompassing enhanced muscle mass, augmented strength, and heightened endurance.

Furthermore, it fosters elevated energy levels, sharpened focus, and heightened motivation, empowering individuals to engage in more rigorous and effective training sessions. Additionally, the utilization of testosterone propionate can catalyze an increase in metabolic rate, culminating in reduced body fat and the attainment of a more defined physique.

Another boon of integrating testosterone propionate into bodybuilding regimens is its propensity to expedite recovery. This translates to shorter recovery periods post-exercise, enabling individuals to engage in more frequent and intense training sessions. Moreover, testosterone propionate serves as a safeguard against injuries by fortifying bones and joints, rendering them more resilient to the strains associated with weightlifting and other physical activities.

Lastly, testosterone propionate exerts a positive influence on mental well-being. Research indicates that testosterone can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety while enhancing overall mood and

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